Find Local Food Near You

Connect with local organic farmers and food suppliers in your area.


Local Food Near You

Connect with local organic farmers and food suppliers in your area.

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Better Health for You and Our Planet


Buying your food straight from the farm allows you to live a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle. When you purchase locally produced beef, chicken, veggies, and other foods, you erase the need for long-distance food distribution, and you minimize the amount of hands that touched your sack of apples. Rest easy knowing that your neighbor provided your organic dinner and in turn, you provided for them and their family as well.

Explore and Filter


There are thousands of options for buying local food near you, and filtering features designed to fit your dietary needs.

Support Your Community


When you buy your food from local farmers and distributers, you’re putting your money back into your community instead of in the hands of large corporations! This allows for local, family-owned businesses to remain and expand, leading to more jobs close to home, and a prosperous community!

Favorite and Review


Save and review your favorite farms and retailers to help them grow their business!

Sell on Gone Local


Stop selling small and start selling out! We’ve created this space for local food distributers to easily reach a larger audience and sell more products without the hassle and cost of creating and maintaining a website.

Gone Local Fees

5% Per Sale


Regular Website Fees

$3,000+ Per Year

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We are here to provide an essential service to you and your family. Our app is designed to help you display, market, and sell your foods and products to your local community. Creating a profile is FREE! Upload your products and sell them in-app—you get a full page for your farm or shop with all of your products listed and your location on our map. Our app users will see your farm when they search for foods and items in your area! 

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