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Gone Local App

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Gone Local's App

Gone Local App connects local, organic farmers and food suppliers with shoppers in their area.

The healthiest way for us to make the most of life is to live small, but in a big way. Supporting small businesses will help our towns and cities thrive and eating local, organic foods will help our bodies thrive!

Better Health for You and Our Planet


Buying your food straight from the farm allows you to live a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle. When you purchase locally and organically produced beef, chicken, veggies, and other foods, you erase the need for long-distance food distribution, you minimize the amount of hands that touched your sack of apples, and you ensure the foods you’re feeding your family are not contaminated by toxic chemicals and unnecessary hormones. 

Rest easy knowing that your neighbor provided your organic dinner and, in turn, you provided for them and their family as well.

Press Release

Target Market

Age: 27

Gender: Female

Education: College Graduate

Job: Freelance Social Media Marketer

Household Income: $80,000

Marital Status: Single

Children: None

Pets: One Cat

Hobbies: Traveling, Picnics, Hiking, Wine Bars with Friends, Cooking, Star Gazing, Reading, Watching Netflix, Baths, Good Conversation

Spends $ On: Food, Vintage or Eco-Conscious Clothing, Wine, Flowers, Plants, Traveling

Favorite Apps: TikTok and Instagram

Buys Food From: Trader Joes, Whole Foods, Sprouts

Dietary Restrictions: Gluten Intollerant 

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Education: Masters Graduate

Job: Creative Director

Household Income: $200,000

Marital Status: Married

Children: One young child

Pets: One Dog

Hobbies: Drinking With Friends, Finding New Recipes to Cook For His Family, Movie Nights, Online Gaming, DIY Furniture Projects 

Spends $ On: Food Ingredients, Baby Clothes and Toys, Movies, Games, Home Improvement Supplies

Favorite Apps: TikTok, Reddit and Youtube

Buys Food From: Kroger and HelloFresh

Dietary Restrictions: None


1.45 Mil Subscribers

Subscription $35/week

Offers Meat, Veggies, Grains

Founded in 2011

350K Subscribers

Subscription $20/Week

Offers Meat, Veggies, Grains, Snacks

Founded in 2015

353K Subscribers

Subscription $14/week

Offers Meat, Veggies

Founded in 2012

Subscribers Unknown

Subscription $129/Month

Offers Meat

Founded in 2015

How We Differ

Gone Local does not hold inventory.

We source food locally and organically (more eco-friendly).

Not subscription based. Not a meal kit.

Operating with an eco-friendly perspective is the moral core of GL.

GL is not in charge of shipping/etc.

Sales Channels

Social Media




YouTube (in progress)

Reddit (in progress)

Email Marketing




Media Outlets

Influencers (in progress)

Interviews (in progress)



Google Ads

Press Releases

What We’ve Done So Far 

Social Media Launch: January 2021  |  App Launch: July 2021

Social Followers

Instagram: 512

TikTok: 14.2K

Email Subscribers


SEO/Google Presence

1 Press Release

Ranked #1 for “Gone Local App”

LLC Partnership

T&CN Enterprises

DBA: Gone Local

50/50 Partnership between Taylor Springett and Cleo Nash Bayoud

App Development: 


Who Follows Us?

Source: Instagram 
April 2021

Phases of Gone Local

Phase 1: 2021 


Small, organic farms selling on app


Pickup, shipping, and delivery on app according to what the farms already offer

Phase 2: 2022
Phase 3: 2023

Create our own delivery service to offer on app?????


Phase 4: 2024
Build vertical and hydroponic farms in big cities (NYC, LA, Chicago, etc.)
Provide grow boxes and tutorials to grow food at home

5 Year Plan

Year one and two projections are what our team can afford to put forth. Any extra donations and investments will only serve to improve our company.



Phase 1

50 Sellers

10,000 Users

Total Revenue: $26,250

$25,000 Sales

$1,250 Ad sales



Marketing: $7,500

Extra: $3,000

App: $12,500

Total: $23,000


Total Profit




Phase 2

200 Sellers

30,000 Users

Total Revenue: $192,000

$180,000 Sales

$12,000 Ad sales



Marketing: $12,000

Extra: $2,000

App: $10,000

Total: $15,000


Total Profit




Phase 3

5,000 Sellers

100,000 Users

Total Revenue: $900,000

$600,000 Sales

$300,000 Ad sales



Marketing: $50,000

Extra: $10,000

App: $20,000

Delivery Service: $X

Community Garden: $10,000

Total: $


Total Profit




Phase 4

15,000 Sellers

500,000 Users

Total: $3,900,000

$3,000,000 Sales

$900,000 Ad sales



Marketing: $300,000

Extra: $50,000

App: $100,000

Vertical & Hydroponic Farms: $

Total: $450,000


Total Profit




50,000 Sellers

1,000,000 Users

Total: $9,000,000

$6,000,000 Sales

$3,000,000 Ad sales



Marketing: $200,000

Extra: $100,000

App: $200,000

Total: $500,000


Total Profit

How We Estimated These Numbers

Ad profit

10% of sellers spend $50 per month

Sales profit

1/10 of users buy $100 worth of product per month. We make 5% of sale. (Users/10 x 100 x Months x .05%)

Sales Representative

Earns 1% of profit from product Sale + 25% of ad profit

My Story


Hi! I’m Cleo, the founder of Gone Local. Growing up in Dallas, TX, I spent a lot of my childhood around food and farms. My dad taught me to cook growing up, and I always loved watching him make the perfect roast beast, experiment with different cooking techniques, and age meats. 

Throughout my childhood, I would wake up with terrible stomach cramps, and as I grew up, my stomach pains did not improve. In college, I started to do a lot of research on the meat and wheat production in America and decided to undergo a cleanse to see if something I was eating had been causing me such pain since I was a child. I lived and ate gluten free for three years, and vegetarian for two years.

After taking up this diet for two years, I began to experience light-headedness at an increasingly alarming rate, and I actually started to faint. Doctors suggested it was my diet, but I wouldn’t hear it. I finally decided, after fainting one too many times, I would eat local meat that did NOT come from a factory farm. After eating meat again, my energy levels increased, and the fainting stopped completely.

One year later, while visiting my family in Lebanon for the summer, my aunt convinced me to try a local bread that had been grown the same exact way for thousands of years. Not only did I not feel sick, I felt better than I had in years, and later realized I was missing key nutrients from the wheat crop after being gluten free for so long.

I immediately dove into more research on wheat production in the United States. I learned all about Monsanto (now owned by Bayer) and their hand in wheat farming. Realizing it wasn’t the wheat plant in general, it was the way we grow wheat. After further experimentation, I’ve found the best organic wheat products have come from small, local farms, and have shifted my diet to being mostly local and organic foods, especially when it comes to wheat products and meat.

I created Gone Local App to make positive changes in the way we produce food in the US, and to help people like myself find the best local foods ever, so that everyone can live as healthily as our planet and lifestyle allow! So, I guess you could say… I’ve Gone Local!